ReThinking the Use of Technology through Innovative Multimedia Platforms

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    ReThink your training

    Ask-the-Expert is a secure, easy-to-navigate online platform that allows healthcare leaders to share their clinical experience with peers through short video vignettes. You have questions? Find the answers here.

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    ReThink your presentations

    MedFlex is a customizable PowerPoint slide sorter that allows you to build multiple presentations, each tailored to a specific audience, and houses them all in one organized application. Our easy drag-and-drop slide sorter makes all those slide decks cluttering your desktop a thing of the past.

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    ReThink your community

    ConnectOn helps you build a virtual community of practice where like-minded healthcare professionals can interact and support each other with mutual education opportunities. Each ConnectOn website is customized to your therapeutic area and comes loaded with
    e-learning modules, links to resources, ask-the-expert functions and forum-based chat.

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    ReThink your interactions

    Empower your audience's digital participation with MedTouch, a remote touchpad that allows for real-time polling with multiple choice, long-answer and ranked responses and communicates directly with your PowerPoint presentation. Each MedTouch remote works via iPads customized to your specific presentation, encouraging live, two-way, on-screen interaction.

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    ReThink your meetings

    MedLink is a recordable, secure and reliable portal where you and your team can meet with each other or clients for real-time web chats, webinars and e-learning opportunities. Share the screen, share your viewpoint.

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    ReThink your assessments

    OptiMed is a customizable online practice assessment platform that helps your clients optimize their practice. Through user-friendly patient questionnaires and reflection-provoking assessments, this unique performance evaluation tool can help close the gap between perception and reality.

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