EST. 1998

Who we are

An agency you can trust, with a network to reach the right audience.
A partner that takes care of the details you don’t have time to think about.
A visionary that offers a fresh take on traditional problems.

Our mission: to deliver innovative medical communications.
Our vision: to change behaviour and advance patient care.

Since 1998, we’ve been busy

  • Gathering insights
  • Enhancing medical events
  • Translating complex data
  • Promoting best practices
  • Measuring and improving outcomes
  • Maximizing impact through strategic interventions
  • Challenging ourselves and our partners to rethink the status quo

Our team

Our multidisciplinary, multilingual team of 22 in-house employees brings a lot to the table. With over 225 years of combined experience in continuing medical education and health-related marketing, we take care of everything from soup to nuts, ensuring strategic thinking, innovative and effective ideas and quality control to exceed our clients’ needs from conception to execution.

Meet some of our key players.

Isabelle Hallé

Isabelle Hallé

President and Founder
MPG Group (MedPlan Communications inc.)

'Passion is the engine that drives a multidisciplinary team, every day, to spare no effort to attain excellence and to innovate. Innovation is this organized framework, planned as an every day job, to continuously stand out.'

Isabelle Hallé’s experience in the healthcare system, particularly in clinical research, was her inspiration to create the MPG Group. Her initial observation? The health education environment needs to be disrupted to improve information mobility. To do so, the MPG Group offers various communication platforms allowing an ongoing dialogue with all key healthcare stakeholders.

Passionate about new technologies and the possibilities they offer, Isabelle constantly motivates her team members to consider new ways and new means of communication. ?The learning experience is always more effective when the experience is innovative and playful.' Whether it be with Visio Conferencing, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), enhanced reality, virtual reality or professional practice assessments, everything is sifted through a critical analysis to ensure that ‘format never takes precedence over content’.

The MPG Group therefore grew with the goal of influencing behaviors towards optimal health management. A small communications consulting firm at its launch in 1998, MPG is now an organization with over 30 collaborators from various background and expertise attracting clients from around the world.

Isabelle participates in various business networks such as Quebec’s Groupement des chefs d’entreprise, Club du rire (Laughter Club), Réseau HEC, Quebec’s Business Women’s Network and Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

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