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MedPlan commits itself to respect the privacy of any user or visitor to their websites. We will in all cases respect your privacy preferences. Any data or information that may be communicated to MedPlan by means of any of its websites are protected by the national privacy legislation and An Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector of the province of Quebec, which requires MedPlan to maintain the confidentiality of all information and data they may collect be they written, graphic, audio, visual digital, electronic or any other type of information.

Any information or data that may be collected by MedPlan via their websites that may enable the identification of the user is kept and protected as strictly confidential information at MedPlan. This type of information is usually only obtained if provided by the user via e-mail, or other communication with MedPlan via its websites. While no attempts are made to link individual unregistered users to information captured by the MedPlan website, the following data may be automatically collected: the IP address from which the site is accessed; the type of browser used to access the website; the date and time the site was accessed; the pages viewed and, if applicable, the site that linked the user to the MedPlan website. This information would be used to improve the service offered by MedPlan websites. Any such information collected by MedPlan via its websites will not be transferred to any third parties in accordance with all applicable laws.

MedPlan may use cookies to facilitate navigation on its websites. Cookies are special computer files automatically stored on the user's computer. From time to time, MedPlan may use cookies to monitor the areas of its websites accessed by users. The use of cookies is an industry standard, and many major websites use them to provide useful features to their visitors. Cookies in and of themselves do not personally identify users, although they do identify a user's computer. Any user concerned about cookies may refer to the “help” information in their browser software for more information about cookies, how to disable them and how to delete them.

Only assigned individuals within MedPlan have access to the personal information that you provide on this website. This access is granted strictly for the purposes identified in this online privacy policy.

We will not sell or share the information collected on this website with any other organizations except to the extent that disclosure is required by a valid legal requirement such as a law, regulation or search warrant.

This MedPlan website may contain links to other websites. MedPlan is not responsible for the content or the privacy guidelines of these other sites. Users are encouraged to verify the privacy policies of sites linked to by MedPlan websites and to use their own good judgment regarding the accuracy and reliability of the information they contain.

The range of services we offer continues to expand. In the future, we may make changes to our privacy policy. We will notify you of any significant changes and obtain your consent to any significant new uses of your personal information if it was collected from you prior to a significant change in this policy. We recommend that you check this posted privacy policy regularly to ensure that you have viewed the most recent version. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy or any revised statement, please exit the site immediately.

At MedPlan, we are committed to respecting your privacy. We secure personal data in accordance with current industry practices and aim to be a responsible custodian of such data. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer. 

Privacy Officer, MedPlan Communications
2077 Cabot, Montreal, QC H4E 1E2